List of Bachelor and Master theses

We offer a range of topics for Bachelor and Master theses in the area of (computational) statistical physics with a focus on collective behavior in active matter and supramolecular assemblies.

Top: Scanning tunneling microscopy images of MoMo molecules adsorbed on copper. At the lower temperature 220 K, mobile and ordered molecules coexist. Bottom: Monte Carlo simulation snapshots of a simple model reproduce the basic phenomenon.

Finished Bachelor thesis

Inverse condensation of adsorbed molecules with two conformations

Our intuition tells us that liquids freeze on cooling and solids melt on heating. But in more complex materials, the reverse can occurs. This thesis studied the case of inverse condensation through Monte Carlo simulations, where molecules on a substrate becomes mobile upon cooling.

Reference: J. Chem. Phys. 158, 3 (2023)

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